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In this video we have Mr. P R Judson, a renowned designer who has many prestigious projects to his credit. Here he talks about budget homes. How we can create good designs in our desired budget

Her YouTube channel, Country Foods, garnered around 12 lakh subscribers over the course of its two year run, making Mastanamma the 'world's oldest YouTuber'.
Mastanamma, the 107-year-old grandmother from Andhra Pradesh's Guntur village, who shot to fame after her cooking videos were uploaded on to YouTube, passed away after a six-month-long illness. Her YouTube channel, Country Foods, garnered around 12 lakh subscribers over the course of its two year run, making Mastanamma the world's oldest YouTuber.

The news of her demise came after fans began enquiring about why videos had stopped being uploaded on her channeland about her health. The channel, which was started and is run by Hyderabad-based mediapersons K Laxman and Srinath Reddy, then broke the news of her passing through a video, which recorded her final journey as her village mourned her.

Laxman, who was distantly related to the centenarian, first uploaded a video of her preparing a brinjal curry for visitors back in 2016, and the video quickly had over 75,000 videos. Encouraged by the response, Laxman and Reddy soon began uploading videos of her preparing dishes, known ones and unusual ones, on YouTube, naming the channel Country Foods, due to the rural setting and Mastanamma's culinary technique, which saw her preparing each item from scratch.

While she quickly became popular for her many seafood preparations, Mastanamma also enjoyed cooking more esoteric dishes, which were local to her community as well as her own experiments, from Big Pig Head and Whole Lamb Heads to Watermelon Chicken and snail curries, and even her own take on KFC-style fried chicken with Andhra spices. More insterestingly, the sprightly super-senior citizen was extremely tactile, using just her hands to peel everything from potatoes to tomatoes, and each episode began with her first collecting seasonal ingredients from the markets and woods in her river-side village.

In an interview with TNM last year, Srinath spoke of his very first meeting with Mastanamma, saying, "She was so active, and led such a busy lifestyle. She loved to be independent, and lived alone, while her son stayed in a house adjacent to hers. We loved her attitude, and decided to shoot videos with her."
The rest, as they say, is history

We are in love with this video. Yes, we are talking about the Samsonite advertisement that says #kearalaisopen in the most adorable way possible. This 100 seconds video is absolutely heart touching and is exactly what Kerala needs right now. It has touched the right chord and has already gone viral. This is a beautiful addition to the numerous efforts by the government of Kerala, its tourism industry and various organisations are making to #rebuildkerala. One such event was the Run for new Kerala mini marathon organized by the Events management association of Kerala (EMAK) in Kochi on 16th this month. The next run is in Thiruvananthapuram on September 30th.
Kerala hopes to revive and rebuild itself with such initiatives. Such herculean task seems doable on such a positive note..
You can watch the video here 

"അബ്രഹാമിന്റെ  സന്തതികൾ"  നായിക  തരുഷി തന്റെ മനസ്  തുറക്കുന്നു.

How do you know there won’t be another murder?” asks a media person to police officer Derick Abraham (Mammootty). And he responds, “I am sure that my dad’s name is Abraham.” Debutant Shaji Padoor’s Abrahaminte Santhathikal is a tale of two brothers of the same blood and character. Derick is a successful police officer who is the final word in every investigation. He handles even the toughest of cases that deal with tough criminals. When it comes to duty, no obstacle – be it relationships or sentiments - can stop him.

Who are you rooting for in this year’s World Cup? The international tournament features 32 national teams and is scheduled to take place in Brazil from 12 June to 13 July 2014. It will be the second time that Brazil has hosted the competition, the previous being in 1950. Spain is the defending champion, having defeated the Netherlands 1–0 in the 2010 World Cup final to win its first World title. The previous four World Cups staged in South America were all won by South American teams.

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